The Game Tape Vol 1: Entrepreneurship 101


Thelonious C Jones released a series of original content mixtapes with all original beats as the backdrop. There are a total of 5 volumes. Each volume adds a new layer of business, real life, real estate, finances, entrepreneurship and everything in between. Here’s what you’re going to get from Volume 1:

  1. F*ck A Business Plan
  2. Contracts and Agreements
  3. In Business For The B*tches
  4. Burned Out or Get Out
  5. Fake Entrepreneurs
  6. Motivation Is Not The Solution For Your Business
  7. Doubting Your Whole Existence
  8. Build or Buy a Business
  9. Establishing a Business
  10. Having the Lowest Price
  11. Smh…Walk a Mile For the Coochie

Runtime: 49 minutes

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