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The Comfort Killers – Your Journey to Success, How to Change Your Life Using Tools You Already Have is a book about activating all the resources and tools within your control to change your life. Stacy A. Cross shares a passionate story about how she overcame a 9-year gambling addiction by changing her mindset first. Stacy provides insight on EVERYTHING she did to redirect her addiction, gain confidence and start a business which she used as the vehicle to help her get on the right track.

Everyone has personal power and once it is recognized it can be activated to help you reach higher in life – for more success, more health, and more happiness. Ultimately, you have everything inside you to overcome anything and create a reality that you want.

This book is for people that has tried it all – they’ve read the books, attended the seminars and watched countless hours of ‘pump-me-up’ motivational videos but they have yet to get exactly what they want out of life. This book is the key to unlock and activate the power within. Once you start seeing results – you will become relentless at living an uncomfortable lifestyle. The Comfort Killers way. Whether you want to discover who you are – gain more prosperity, change your mindset and become more enlightened …your journey begins with this book! This is: How to Change Your Life Using Tools You Already Have

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5- STAR Testimonies From Our Readers:

Just wanted to say thank you for releasing your book. I recently (May 1) stepped away from my job and started building my own brand. My wife happened to see a friend posting about your book and bought it for me. It took her bugging me to read it for a few weeks, but now I’m super thankful. My wife and I do okay but I’ve never lived up to my potential. This book has me fired up. Thank you!

– Doan

I bought the book and the Audible here on Amazon. Stacy delivers an actionable plan to learn how to get uncomfortable so you can get the life you deserve. While reminding us we already know what we need to know to become successful, she offers new perspectives on planning, self awareness, gaining mentors and goal setting. Want to build a business? Get past an addiction? This book is a great start!

– Rick Lawson

Awesome book! Many tools, actions, and personal experiences are shared to help anyone find their own path to success. Definitely a recommended read for anyone, especially people looking for a jump start or recharge!

– Amazon User

Very informative book! Explains a lot about how to Change your habits, behavior and belief system! And the importance of changing your paradigm to get what you truly want out of life. But in Order to do so One must be a COMFORT KILLER!

– Bryan Humphrey

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