21 Affirmations For Comfort Killers


I created 21 Actionable Affirmations for myself when I first created The Comfort Killers
back in February 2016 and been using them ever since to change my life. With your
purchase you receive over 3 hours of pure content, blazing energy and the know-how
and process behind each individual affirmation. How to use it, what it looks like in the
real world and how to get the most out of each individually. You also receive the eBook
version with awesome photos of my journey as the backdrop.

The audio alone will blow you away. The content is full of energy, love and compassion
and is designed to help you create new habits as it is set up in daily increments. Day 1,
Day 2, Day 3 and so on. 21 days to create a new habit. 21 affirmations to reprogram
your subconscious. I will help you along the way.